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Based in Farnham, Surrey, our award winning Health Hub provides you with the answers and a plan forward for your physical, emotional and mental health.


In the last 24 years, we have been caring for people from all over the world, either at our Health Hubs, on our residential retreats or through online consultations.  We are known as the professionals who can give you the answers when all other routes have drawn a blank.

99% of our business comes from personal referrals

We look at the whole person, looking at your personal and medical history, lab/blood test results before your initial consultation.  At the Hub we also offer a wide range of lab tests and DNA profiling to give a full and clear picture - these help us get to the root of the issue you are experiencing and help you plan for a longer, healthier life.  In addition to this, we also offer a range of complementary holistic treatments to complete your health programme.

Navigating the path to wellness can often feel overwhelming and solitary, but you're not alone on this journey. At Life Right Health Hub, our compassionate team is here with open arms, ready to guide you every step of the way toward achieving optimal health and happiness. From personalized testing to bespoke mental health support, we're dedicated to understanding and addressing your unique needs.


Discover a healthier, happier you.

Welcome to a world where your well-being takes center stage. As well as psychotherapeutic sessions, take a look at other elements that can integrate into your treatment programme...

Let the world see your very best you!

Our practitioners offer a range of non surgical face and body enhancement treatments, including non-surgical facelifts, body contouring, weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Browse our treatments or book a consultation with our team to find out what we can offer and the difference it will make.


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DNA Testing

Your Insight Into Your Future Health

DNA testing unlocks the knowledge of your body's molecular infrastructure.   It highlights 'imperfections' which can affect how our body and/or mind works now, or could do in the future.   These tests give you the insight into getting the best health for your mind and body, not just right now, but in future life, so you can work towards living healthier for longer. 



We were delighted to be nominated and to win this award.

Knowing we are making a difference is a fantastic reward for what we do, but when people take the trouble to nominate us, it makes us really proud.

Thank you to those who did and also to the panel for voting us the leading holistic wellbeing specialists in the South of the UK.

Whether you are a future client or an existing one, take a moment to browse our services, as we are adding new treatments and packages all the time.

Elevate Your Wellbeing: A Journey to Your Best Self

This is our simple process.
Your Personalized Care Plan

Your Personalized Care Plan

At the initial consultation, Lilly will advise you of your treatment plan going forward, which can include online, face to face or a combination to best help you achieve your health goals.
Be The Best Version of You

Be The Best Version of You

We work holistically, combining required physical, emotional and mental therapies to help you achieve your health goals swiftly. Friends and family will start to notice the new healthier and happier you.

Embrace Your Wellness Journey

Discover personalized care that prioritizes your health and happiness.